• The language of the course is Arabic
  • With our Egyptian teachers male or female at your suitable times.


Quran Tafseer & Translation help Muslims understand the Holy Quran even better. As it helps them to interpret the literal as well as the technical meaning of the Quran verses. The term “Tafseer” or “Tafsir” is the Arabic word for exegesis.

A Quranic tafsir attempts to provide elucidation, explanation, interpretation, context or commentary for clear understanding and conviction of words of Allah

Accordingly, the Tafseer of the Holy Quran is considered the most significant science of the Quran.

Since the accurate application of Islam is based on proper comprehension of the guidance from Allah. So without learning Quran Tafseer, mankind will have no correct understanding of different passages of the Quran.

Due to the importance of learning Tafseer Quran for every Muslim in the world, Quran Square presents Online Quran Tafsir Course for those Muslims who are either Non-Arabs or living in Non-Muslim countries.


Knowledge of basic Arabic grammar and sentence structure– like the types of sentences in Arabic, forms of the verb, basic vocabulary etc.

If you don’t understand these things, then I suggest you take a few lessons on them first.

Ufuq Online is open for all age groups.
It gives them the opportunity to learn and understand the religion better.

Our highly qualified tutors introduce various techniques and methods.


What You’ll Learn in Quran Tafseer Course

  • Understanding the science of Tafsir Al Quran
  • Meaning of verses
  • The contextual meaning of the Word
  • Learn Islamic laws
  • Skills in scholarly writings
  • The sophistic and complicated ideas through the oral display
  • Quranic explanations in Arabic
  • Explain each and every Sura and its verses with other parts of the Quran and Hadees with references
  • Understand the commands of Allah (SWT)

Private Course

5000 EGP per Level
  • 20 Hours
  • 200 USD
  • One-on-one
  • Flexible Hours

Grup Course

1750 EGP per Level
  • 20 Hours
  • 70 USD
  • 3-5 Persons
  • Flexible Hours