What do we teach?

The goals of learning classical Arabic

  1. It enables you to communicate with others in the Arabic language
  2. You can understand the Holy Quran and the Sunnah of the Prophet well
  3. It enables you to study heritage books and understand Arabic texts in a distinct way
  4. You can express yourself well in Arabic
  5. You can deal with Arabs in any country and demand what you want in a distinct way, such as the airport, restaurant, bank, market, and so on
  6. You can listen to the news bulletins and understand what is in them. Summarize the events well
  7. After a short period of study, you can read, write, speak and understand your Arabic well
  8. After completing the classical language, you can complete your university studies or beyond easily and easily at any university in Arabic
  9. Likewise, you can write majoring and PhD research papers in Arabic with ease
  10. Likewise, after completing the study with us, you can work as an Arabic teacher or a reporter or translator etc. in order to enable you to speak Arabic.
  11. You can also work in one of the Arab countries in any field, tourism, trade or otherwise