The language of the course is Arabic

An easy and greatly simplified book, “al-Nahv al-Wadih” by Mustafa and Ali Al-Jarim, in which they were keen to break the grammar complex for beginners, so they relied on the method of abundant deduction and exercises, and to clarify the origin of the basic rules and basic provisions in a summary that the beginners would easily understand.

This extraordinary book is one of the master books that explain the rules of the Arabic language in an easy and a modern way, keeping the readers or the students away from the complications of the scripts and the texts in order to make the book easy for those who want to learn the rules of the Arabic language in a modern and appropriate style.

Really is a very useful book for learning grammar, and it will suit every beginner to enter this art from its easy chapters with the help of God.


  • Knowledge of basic Arabic grammar and sentence structure– like the types of sentences in Arabic, forms of the verb, basic vocabulary etc.
  • If you don’t understand these things, then I suggest you take a few lessons on them first.
  • Ufuq Online is open for all age groups.
  • It gives them the opportunity to learn and understand the religion better.
  • Our highly qualified tutors introduce various techniques and methods.


This course takes 5 levels / 130 Hours. Each lesson is 50 minutes. The topics you will receive in this section are as a written in curriculum.

Private Course

7750 EGP per Level
  • 26 Hours One-on-One Lessons
  • 310 USD
  • Flexible Hours
  • LMS Account Free
  • Online Examination

Grup Course

2750 EGP per Level
  • 26 Hours with 3-5 Persons
  • 110 USD
  • Flexible Hours
  • LMS Account Free
  • Online Examination